Keo dán hai thành phần WEICON F2
    Keo dán hai thành phần WEICON F2

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    WEICON F2 is suited for the casting of models, moulds and templates, for the repair of porous and damaged castings, for the production of prototypes and holding devices, and for pouring out swages to test precision.
    WEICON F2 can be used in tool construction, model and mould making, and in many other industrial applications.
    ISSA: 75.509.11/12
    IMPA: 81 29 33/34

    Technical data

    • Composition Epoxy resin aluminium filled
    • Specific Properties viscous
    • Mixing ratio by weight % (Resin/Hardener) 100:14
    • Pot-life at +20°C (200 g preparation) 60 Min.
    • Density of the mixture 1,45 g/cm
    • Viscosity of the mixture 200.000 mP
    • Max. layer thickness per application 10 mm
    • Cure time mechanical loads 16 h
    • final hardness 24 h
    • Mean compressive strength (+25°C) acc. to DIN 53281-83 43 MPa
    • Mean tensile strength (+25°C) acc. to DIN 53281-83 14 MPa
    • Mean Flexural strength (+25°C) acc. to DIN 53281-83 26 MPa
    • Mean strength E-Modul (+25°C) acc. to DIN 53281-83 1.500 - 2.000 MPa
    • Shore D (+25oC) acc. to DIN 53281-83 79
    • Shrinkage 0,025 %
    • Thermoforming resistance 55°C
    • Colour aluminium
    • Temperature resistance* -35 bis +120 °C
    • Information about surface pre-treatment and processing can be found in the manual.


    • WEICON Plastic Metal at room temperature (but up to max. +25°C) in a dry place. Unopened containers can be stored for 18 months at temperatures from +18°C to +25°C (Epoxy Resin Putty max. 3 years).
    • Opened containers should be used within 6 months.